Forza 10 - Puppy & Junior for Large Breeds, Fish, 15 Kgs


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Puppy Junior to Fish Medium / Large is a food with high biological value, easily digestible and rich in unsaturated fatty acids Omega3 naturally present in fish oil, it is the ideal food for all puppies. At the same time it will prevent the onset of all hypersensitivity disorders to meat, especially if derived from intensive farming.

Clinical grounds: Clinical studies have shown that the vast majority of dogs and cats, fed the growth phase with fish of the sea, has a muscular-skeletal development really satisfactory. Based on these studies, SANYpet formulated products FORZA10, complete lines dietary and maintenance for cats and dogs of every breed and size.

Vitamin C, glucosamine and Prebiotics: Vitamin C (found in abundance in the Dog Rose), is a highly antioxidant. Glucosamine is a powerful manufacturer of cartilage. The MOS and FOS are a class of carbohydrates contained naturally in fruits, brewer's yeast and in plants. These elements demonstrate to adjust, maintain or increase the presence of intestinal bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, providing an ideal support to 'food absorption. A natural conservation: to ensure effective nature conservation, FORZA10 uses natural extracts rich in tocopherols and rosemary without the addition of synthetic antioxidants.

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