Posy Pearls Silicon Cat Litter

Posy Pearls Silicon Cat Litter



POSY controls odors and eliminates dampness in your cat’s tray. This special “Blue Crystals “ maintain freshness by absorbing foul smells while silicone being naturally antibacterial, helps to keep you and your pet safe from germs and bacteria which could accumulate in a tray of sandy litter .


Fill your tray to a depth of 2 to 4cm , this should be enough for 4 weeks after which time it must be completely replaced. Wash your tray well with detergent and disinfectant before refilling with POSY . Solid waste should be immediately removed from the tray with the appropriate litter scoop. Stir POSY daily after removing solid waste to ensure even coverage and effectiveness.


If you have two cats sharing one litter tray, simply replace POSY litter every 2 weeks instead of every 4. It is always recommended that you handle soiled litter and waste using rubber gloves. And remember to wash your hands and litter scoop well after use. Please do not dispose of soiled litter in the toilet or in the garden. Soiled litter should be disposed of what normal household waste.

The crystals may hiss and pop when moistened. This is normal and harmless. This product is environment-friendly and harmless to your cat.

  • Non toxic & biodegradable
  • Easy cleanup & non-tracking
  • No urine clumps to scoop
  • Completely eliminates urine odours
  • 3.8lit bag / 20lit box
  • Antibacterial