BiogenicPET Immunity, 120ml

BiogenicPET Immunity, 120ml


BiogenicPet Immunity

syrup for oral use medicinal preparation

Biogenic Pet Immunity syrup is an immune stimulator product for oral use. Its active ingredient is BAP-8 (standardised pleuran extract) which is a mixture of natural polysaccharides containing a complex of beta-D-glucans. It is isolated from oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). BAP-8 is modifying cellular elements of the immune system, enhances resistance and vitality of animals. Alleviates course of disease in diseased animals. It is recommended in case of extreme physical stress and fatigue.

Target species: cattle, dog,ferrets and birds

Composition/1 ml

BAP-8 (standardised pleuran extract) 10,0 mg
Excipients ad 1,0 ml

Dosage: Biogenic Pet Immunity syrup should be applied with the included dispenser or with a syringe into the feed or drinking water, or directly into the mouth of the animal. Shake well before use! For dogs: 2 ml/5 kg bodyweight (between 1–5 kg bodyweight use uniformly 2 ml) once daily. For cattle: 1 ml/10 kg bodyweight once daily. For improvement of resistance of the organism it is recommended to apply Biogenic Pet Immuno for a longer period – at least for 2-3 months. Daily dose can be doubled in the beginning of treatment, at least for 3 days.