Whiskas Bite & Chew Tasty Textures Fish selection in Pate (12 Pack)


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  • 'Tasty Textures" pouch range with Bite 'N Chew is packed full of roughly Chopped Meaty pieces in a soft meaty paté for maximum Bite 'n chew satisfaction

    At WHISKAS®, we Love Cats and their wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do, we care about their nutrition, behaviour, quirky little ways, and everything in between.

    We know cats love to Bite, chew and lick their food, it is how they naturally enjoy it, so Whiskas® Tasty Textures is specifically designed with your cats' instincts in mind. With this new eating experience, your cat will be thoroughly satisfied.

    Each pack contains: 3 x with Salmon 3 x Trout 3 x with Prawns 3 x with Whitefish

    Preparation and Usage 4kg cat -3x pouches per day + 20g per day Neutered - 2 1/2 pouches per day + 10g per day In door - 2 1/2 pouches per day + 10g per day

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