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Size: Lamb- 3 Kgs
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ERYX DAILY Lamb is a complete and balanced food ideal for adult dogs with normal physical activity. Formulated through the use of selected and high quality ingredients, the adult dog ensures the correct supply of all the nutrients needed to maintain an excellent physical fitness.


Composition: animal protein dehydrated (lamb 8%), maize, animal fats, wheat (7%), rice, chicken protein hydrolysates, dried carob, dried citrus, yeast, dried beet pulp, dehydrated protein fish, extract of chestnut wood, sodium chloride.


Analytical Components: Humidity 9.0%, Raw Protein 24.0%, Raw Oils and Fats 12.0%, Raw Fiber 3.3%, Crude Ash 8.7%.


Additives (per kg) :

Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A 10,000 IU - Vitamin D3 800 IU - Vitamin E 90 IU - Ferrous Carbonate (Iron) 100.00 mg - Anhydrous Iodate (Iodine) 1.00 mg - Copper Copper Penta Hydrate (Copper) 29.40 mg - Manganese oxide (Manganese) 39,00 mg - Zinc oxide (Zinc) 98,00 mg - Selenite of sodium (Selenium) 0,13 mg. Antioxidants.

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