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Eukanuba Kitten is a premium cat food with lots of chicken and liver for growing kittens and pregnant and lactating mother cats. Kittens grow very fast in their first year and need particularly nutritious food with lots of protein and energy. Eukanuba Kitten Chicken & Liver contains chicken protein of the highest quality and meets the daily requirement of protein, fat, calories, vitamins and minerals of growing cats.



Eukanuba Kitten food with lots of chicken and liver for kittens and pregnant or nursing cats, meets increased energy requirements and provides sufficient protein for healthy growth.


  • Helps to meet the high energy requirements during this crucial stage of development
  • Stabilises and boosts the immune system with optimum vitamin E content
  • Provides a complete, balanced daily food for kittens and pregnant or nursing mother cats


Young kittens have a stomach roughly the size of a hazelnut, making it very important to provide very efficient food with a high concentration of nutrients. The small kibble of Eukanuba Kitten are easy to chew and digest, specially designed for small mouths and stomachs. Once your kitten reaches maturity at 12 months, switch to one of Eukanuba's adult varieties.


The Vital Health System of Eukanuba cat food is a special combination of ingredients and nutrients that supports the six most important feline body functions with every meal: bones and muscles, inner organs, skin and coat, digestion, teeth and sensory/mental performance.


Ingredients: Dehydrated chicken & turkey (20%, a natural source of taurine), chicken offal, chicken liver (9%), rice, grits, fish meal, animal fat, dried whole egg, dehydrated sugar beet (2.2%), chicken protein hydrolysate, brewer's yeast, potassium chloride

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