Felix Poultry Selection in Jelly - 12 Pack

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Once a Felix cat always a Felix cat.

From the tasty first time...

Felix Kitten food is packed full of all the protein and nutrients that little Felix cats need to grow into big Felix cats. Perfect fuel for the first years adventures

...to a satisfied senior.

With Felix they're not called the golden years for nothing. Felix Senior looks after those going a bit grey around the whiskers with their very own specially formulated, super tasty recipes.

Every day can be extra special~ With our other truly tantalising, tail tanglingly scrumptious speciality range...

Felix As Good As It Looks. Succulent steaklets in a delicious jelly it really does taste as good as it looks.

Felix Marinades. Succulent flakes soaked in a scrumptious rich and dark jelly marinade.

Felix Roasted. Tender roasted flavoured chunks enriched with a tasty gravy.

Delicious Felix recipes are a complete pet food for adults cats.

Felix can't wait...!
It's not just mealtime - it's Felixtime! It's too hard to pick a favourite flavour with such a tasty range. And Felix is Made with Quality Meats so your cat won't be able to get enough... cat nap dreams filled with savoury salmon, succulent chicken, juicy beef...

Remember we have special ones for the little Felix cats and the golden oldies.

  • Delicious Felix recipes are a complete pet food for adults cats
  • Made with quality meats
  • Tasted & approved
  • 3 x with Chicken
  • 3 x with Turkey
  • 3 x with Poultry
  • 3 x with Duck

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