Forza 10 nutraceutic - Adult Condro , 10 Kgs (Skeletal Disorders)

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Complete dietetic food for dogs with disorders of the musculo – skeletal

Adult Condro Active is a diet developed by SANYpet Research and Development Centre, as a nutritional support for the reduction of food intolerances targeted to the musculo-skeletal system of adult and senior dogs.
It helps preventing disorders of this important system throughout the entire life of the dog. In addition, it is helpful  in case of hereditary diseases of the skeletal system. Precious active natural ingredients combined with sea fish beneficial properties (high protein content, high digestibility) have a significant effect on reducing joint disorders, thanks to its chondro-protective and antioxidant activities on the musculoskeletal system.
Finally, it reduces intolerance to ingredients and nutritional substances, due to proteins and carbohydrates from select sources (sea fish and rice with  high biological value).

After using the product for the suggested period of time, use FORZA10 Nutraceutic DepurA, studied for daily use to detoxify against free radicals and environmental pollution.

Recommended length of time

  • food intolerances: 3 to 8 weeks, if symtoms disappear this product may be used indefinitely.

    Active Line - Nutraceutical products

    Active Line - Nutraceutical products

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