Forza 10 nutraceutic - Oral Active Line , 4 Kgs (oral cavity disorders)


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Complete dietetic food for dogs with oral cavity disorders

Oral Active is suitable as a nutritional instrument during conventional therapy against acute, chronic or recurring inflammatory processes that target the orale cavity and upper respiratory tract. Halitosis, tartar, gingivitis, stomatitis, laringitis and tracheitis represent represent a problem frequently found in veterinary medicine. Many clinical studies have found that intolerances, allergies and the problems mentioned above are all closely related. Oral Active alone replaces snacks, treats, sticks and toothpaste commonly used for oral cavity hygiene.

After using the product for the suggested period of time, use FORZA10 Nutraceutic DepurA, studied for daily use to detoxify against free radicals and environmental pollution.

      Active Line - Nutraceutical products

      Active Line - Nutraceutical products

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