Gourmet Perle Tuna & Shrimp, 85G

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Sophisticated cats can be fussy eaters, but they won't be disappointed by Ocean Delicacies from GOURMET® Perle. Each delicate recipe contains morsels with fish to satisfy your cat's passion for seafood, tickling their fancy at every mealtime and offering complete adult nutrition with every bite. Morsels with tuna are cut into fillets and gently cooked in a savoury sauce, and combined with tempting whole shrimp for a taste of the ocean. This elegant combination will delight demanding palates and make every mealtime an irresistible experience. Each serving is sealed in an 85g pouch, ensuring freshness and quality every time.

All GOURMET® Perle recipes are available in an 85g pouch to retain their delicious taste

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