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Title: Happy Dog Mini Toscana, 300g
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The ingredients in classic Mediterranean cuisine have offered natural protection from diseases caused by civilisation and cardiovascular problems since time immemorial. Of particular note here are the special, very aromatic Mediterranean herbs, untreated olive oil, low-cholesterol lamb, salmon and the polyphenol substances found in red wine grapes.



Only Happy Dog Toscana provides this unique variety of nutritious elements. This exclusive recipe for a super premium quality complete dry food rounds off the unique Happy Dog Supreme LifePlus concept® made from natural ingredients known since time immemorial.


Due to its special ingredients and exceptional manufacturing process, Toscana is very suitable for feeding sensitive dogs, with their special requirements. Due to its moderate fat content of 7.5% for 22% protein, it is exceedingly suitable for all dogs with low energy and normal protein requirements (and also for castrated dogs).


Composition: Maize, lamb meat meal (13%), salmon meal (9%), rice flour, poultry meat meal, potato flakes, sugar beet slices, hydrolysed liver, poultry fat, apple pomace (dried) (1.0%), sunflower oil, sodium chloride, yeast (dried), potassium chloride, powdered egg, barley (fermented) (0.2%), seaweed (dried) (0.2%), linseed (0.2%), mussel flesh (dried) (0.05%), red wine grape pomace, elder fruits, artichokes, dandelion, savory, marjoram, ginger, rosemary, sage, thyme, birch leaves, nettles, anis fruits, basil, fennel fruits, elderflowers, lavender flowers, coriander, chamomile, meadowsweet, liquorice root, wild garlic. (Total herbs: 0.28%)


Expert Recommendation: In addition to a high-quality food for sensitive dogs, also look at the quality and composition of treats for your dog. Success achieved through suitable feeding can quickly be cancelled out with unsuitable snacks.

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