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Daily nutrition for kittens from 1 to 12 months old as well as pregnant and lactating queens. 

Product Information
Our flavours and high quality ingredients combine to create a taste sensation that your cat will love. The fresh flavours and distinct tastes will give her a meal that is not only nutritious, but also full of happiness. Each pouch is full of protein from the high quality meat or fish ingredients served in a delicious gravy or jelly sauce and provides your cat with the nutrients and variety she needs on a daily basis.

Meat and animal derivatives (>25% chicken & poultry, >6% pork), oils and fats (amongst others 0.2% fish oil), derivatives of vegetable origin (amongst others 0.6% beet pulp fibre), minerals, various sugars.

- High quality animal proteins to nourish vital organs
- Vitamin rich fish oils for healthy skin and shiny coat
- Beet pulp fibre for healthy digestion 
- No artificial flavours 
- No artificial preservatives 
- No artificial colours 
- Non GMO ingredients

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