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Intersand Classic cat litter, with new, exclusive and patented TRIPLE ACTION™ effectiveness, dispels unpleasant odours even more effectively. Due to a new technical process, Intersand Classic Litter has a neutral odour, and only releases its pleasant baby powder scent when it comes into contact with urine.

Now with reduced odour absorption for more effective baby powder scent and prevention of nasty odours.

Advantages of TRIPLE ACTION™:

  • Absorbs and neutralises nasty odours
  • Extra powerful clumping
  • up to 99.9% dust-free

Thanks to the quick and powerful clumping of Intersand Classic, the litter stays off your pet's paws and inside the litter tray. The litter tray can be quickly and easily cleaned and prevents soiled litter from being trudged around the house. 
As it can absorb approx. 320% of its own weight, using Intersand Classic cat litter is even more economical because only the soiled clumps need to be removed. The entire tray of litter need not be thrown out in one go. Simply regularly fill the litter tray with fresh Intersand Classic cat litter. 15kg of Intersand Classic cat litter amounts to around 45kg of traditional cat litter.

Intersand Classic cat litter is up to 99.9% dust-free, resulting in both a cleaner and healthier home, and improved health for your pet. This premium cat litter is a purely natural product from Canada that is 100% safe for your pet.

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