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Nature's Protection Superior Care Large Cat is a special dry food for adult cats of large breeds.  Large cats have special needs: a large and muscular body requires more protein and vitamins for maintaining muscle tone and energy, while greater weight exerts higher physical load on bones and joints. These cats also tend to have long fur, which results in more frequent occurrence of hairballs in the digestive system. Moreover, the pellets of regular foods are too small for the jaws of large cats and cannot be properly chewed up; therefore, the cats swallow it whole. This food is designed specifically to satisfy the needs of large cat breeds.


. . Made of fresh high-quality poultry (chicken, turkey, and duck), which is one of the best sources of protein.
Contains poultry fat, which ensures excellent palatability and energy.
A special formula designed to maintain healthy joints and the musculoskeletal system of large cat breeds in good condition.
Contains natural prebiotics for great digestion.
Contains borage seed oil and Omega fatty acids that help nurture healthy skin and fur.
With amino acids (DHA and EPA) and taurine for prevention of heart diseases.
DL methionine and a balanced complex of minerals may help maintain normal urine pH level and protect against formation of struvite calculi in the urinary tract.
Rich in natural fibre from cellulose and sugar beets and may help eliminate hairballs from the intestines.
Supplemented by MicroZeoGen minerals, i.e. dynamically micronized clinoptilolite, which can help eliminate toxins from the feline body and improve the absorption of vitamins and nutrients.
The size and texture of pellets are specifically suited for large jaws so that chewing helps clean the plaque from the teeth.
Does not contain wheat, eggs, artificial colouring, aromas, and preservatives.
For large cat breeds (e.g., Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest cats, American Bobtails, Savannah cats, Siberian cats, Turkish Vans, and Ragdolls).

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