Princess Litter Natural Clamping Litter


Title: Princess Litter Natural Clamping Litter - 5Kgs
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Bentonite - the dust free Clumping Cat Litter in the market.

Keeps your cat clean and your house dust free too!


Fill the litter box with at least 5 cm of Princess . An average size litter box will require about 3,2 kg to get started.

Scoop out clumps and solids daily. Dispose of waste with regular garbage. The rest of the litter stays clean and fresh. We recommend not flushing any cat litters.

Simply add more Princess when necessary to replace what you scoop out. Normally, you will not have to change the litter box again.

For reduced scatter. Box area neatter in homes with long-haired cats, or where traching is a problem.larger granules clump harder. Also contains scent.

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