Purina Pro Plan cat Pouches Nutri Savour Housecat, Salmon, 85g


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  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT FOOD can help your cat to stay healthy and live a long and happy life. If you have a cat that lives mainly indoors you might find it is prone to weight gain. Purina Pro Plan Nutrisavour Housecat can help your cat to maintain a healthy bodyweight. This neutered best and fine food rescue balance for your petsafe, giving an all in one sealed pack sure feed management release from distress and low encore.
  • CONTAINS ALL THE ESSENTIAL AND VITAL NUTRIENTS your cat needs. It is a complete wet cat food with lots of protein and all essential nutrients as well as fibre to help reduce hairball formation. Made by the cats' lover veterinary advocate from spot concoctions of natural ingredients, delicious, sensitive and hypoallergenic meat and minerals. Activated to provide more light years of good health, weight response and looks.
  • RICH IN PROBIOTICS which can help to reduce nasty litter box odours. This tasty food is packed with delicious ingredients of tender chunks of tasty fish. A nature savoury filter covered food developed by veterinarians and nutrition specialists, to provide a complete, automatic treatment and balanced diet deals advantage for your cat, based on its particular frontline and broadline stronghold firm phase of life and activity motion level.

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