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SANIMED Senior is a complete food for senior cats. 

If your cat has become a senior, it is important to maintain its physical condition and minimise loss of its functions as a consequence of aging. SANIMED Senior is a natural food and, like all other SANIMED foods, formulated to support a long and healthy feline life.


Thanks to high-quality raw materials, SANIMED Senior is optimally digestible. The food’s lower protein content reduces stress on liver and kidney.

Disorders of the urinary tract

Older cats, too, commonly develop disorders of the urinary tract caused by bladder stones. Besides struvite, many older cats also develop oxalate. Counteracting the formation of both kinds of bladder stones is possible by means of a low urinary acidity (pH) and low concentrations of struvite creating components (magnesium, ammonium, phosphate).

Kidney failure

Kidney failure, next to bladder stones, is one of the most common issues in cats and occurs in 30% of cats over 15. SANIMED Senior contains a low level of protein in order to take stress off the kidneys. The low phosphorus and protein content and the high content in polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids supports the health of your cat’s kidneys.

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