Smoofl Starter Kit for Puppies

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✔️ For 20 puppy ice creams ✔️ 20 edible Sticks included ✔️ With Small ice cream mould ✔️ Ready in 60 seconds ✔️ Melts in the mouth, not on the ground

Welcome your new four-legged friend to your pack with this delicious treat for puppies. The recipe for Smoofl Pup Ice has been specially developed for the little ones.

In addition to being a tasty reward, the pup ices are also very suitable as a soothing nibble during your pup’s tooth change.

The Kit contains the Strawberry and Banana Mix for Pup Ice Cream, 20 edible sticks are included along with the Small ice mould. You will make 20 of your puppy’s favourite Ice Treats with it.

Enjoy a puppylicious ice cream together and get to know your new family member even better. Let’s Smooflen, furriends!

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