Whiskas Sterile, 1.4kgs (Neutered Cats)


Title: Whiskas Dry Food Strerile, 1.4 kgs
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A balanced complete dry food for neutered cats, easily digested, to help with weight control, and to support a healthy urinary function. No artificial flavourings.

Whiskas Sterile offers adapted nutrition for your neutered cat, allowing for changes in its metabolism after sterilisation. A cat’s normal metabolism is set so that it only eats as much as it needs for its level of activity, and its energy needs tend to stay relatively constant. 


However, after a cat is neutered or sterilised its metabolism can become unbalanced, leading to higher calorie consumption and weight gain. Over-eating can go hand in hand with a higher risk of developing kidney stones, as neutered cats also tend to drink less. The special formulation of


Whiskas Sterile can also help to prevent painful urinary tract infections. The animal protein in the food comes from salmon, which is particularly easy to digest, and also tastes good, so cats are happy to eat it. 


Whiskas Sterile contains essential vitamins and minerals to provide your cat with a balanced diet that meets its needs. The food does not contain any artificial flavourings. The packaging has a practical zip closure to keep the food fresh for longer.


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