Acana Senior Dog

Acana Senior Dog

Acana Senior Dog

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Acana Senior dry dog food has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of elderly dogs aged 7 years and over. This delicious kibble contains 65% meat and fish as an excellent source of animal protein, which is important for maintaining healthy muscle mass. It also boasts a reduced carbohydrate content.

The recipe for this kibble is based on Acana’s WholePrey™ principle, which mirrors the natural diet of dogs in the wild. To limit the supply of carbohydrates, Acana Senior dog food contains butternut squash and other vegetables with a low glycaemic index. These ingredients can regulate your dog's blood sugar levels, thereby helping to prevent diabetes and obesity. At the same time, the varied selection of fruit, vegetables and plant extracts added to this food provides all the vitamins and minerals needed to support your dog's wellbeing as they age.

Acana uses only the best, local products that are delivered fresh to their kitchen from regional Canadian farms and fisheries. Free-range chicken, whole nest-laid eggs and wild-caught flounder from sustainable fisheries, as well as locally grown vegetables and botanicals, provide your pet with sufficient animal protein and a variety of nutrients. The ingredients in Acana food are so naturally delicious and high-quality, there is no need to enrich the food with artificial additives. Acana is an award-winning company due to their sustainable practices and their special attention to quality and freshness. This makes Acana Senior the perfect choice for your ageing dog.

Acana Senior Dry Dog Food at a glance:


  • Premium-quality dry food for elderly dogs aged 7+
  • Natural recipe with an optimal protein and carbohydrate ration to help your dog maintain a healthy body condition
  • Top-quality ingredients: all suitable for human consumption and freshly delivered daily from regional Canadian farms or sustainable fisheries
  • WholePrey™ principle: recipe designed to meet your dog's natural nutritional needs, which are similar to those of their wild ancestors
  • 65% meat, including 1/3 fresh meat: very high meat content provides your dog with vital proteins
  • 35% fruit, vegetables and herbs: provides your dog with all the vitamins and nutrients they need, as well as having a regulatory effect on their digestive system
  • Rich in animal proteins: with free-range chicken and whole nest-laid eggs from Canadian farms, plus wild-caught flounder from sustainable fisheries
  • Reduced carbohydrates (30%): free from potatoes, tapioca and grains, instead using locally sourced squash, lentils and peas with a low glycaemic index to help prevent diabetes and obesity
  • Wheat- and gluten-free
  • With fruit and vegetables: wide variety of local produce to provide a source of vital vitamins and help regulate your dog's digestion
  • Local grasses: valuable plant extracts from grasses grown in British Columbia, which can help to speed up the metabolism
  • No artificial additives: high-quality ingredients provide all the essential nutrients your dog needs in a natural way, making artificial additives unnecessary
  • With zinc: the only supplementary ingredient, which works in combination with the unsaturated fatty acids in the flounder to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat
  • Award-winning production process: Acana manufacture their products exclusively in the firm's own kitchen, without outsourcing, and use high-tech processes to preserve the natural nutrients in the fresh ingredients
  • Unique taste: fresh liver is freeze dried by Acana and then added to their dry dog food to ensure high levels of acceptance
  • Business philosophy based on sustainability: cooperation with local Canadian farmers and fishermen working in harmony with nature ensures safe, reliable quality and freshness

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