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Indications for use

advantix® Spot on is designed for dermal application. Dogs with body weights under 10 kg should be treated at a single spot. The recommended minimum dose is: 10 mg/kg body weight (bw) Imidacloprid and 50 mg/kg body weight (bw) Permethrin.

Antiparasitic solution in spot-on. Effective treatment against fleas, ticks and mosquito repellent leishmania. Easy use and application only once a month. Do not use on cats.Do not use in puppies under 7 weeks of age or dogs under1.5 kg.

How to apply advantix®

  • Part your dog’s hair until the skin is visible.
  • Squeeze the pipette evenly onto four spots along the skin of your dog’s back, from the shoulders to the base of the tail.

Dogs come in many sizes, so advantix® does too

Weight of dog Name of product
1.5 kg - 4 kg advantix® Spot-on for dogs up to 4 kg
4 kg - 10 kg advantix® Spot-on for dogs 4 kg up to 10 kg
10 kg - 25 kg advantix® Spot-on for dogs 10 kg up to 25 kg
25kg - 40 kg advantix® Spot-on for dogs over 25kg



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