Arden Grange Adult Premium


Title: Arden Grange Adult Premium 2 Kgs
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Recommended for:


  • Adult dogs aged 1yr+ requiring a maize/corn free diet

Can also be used for:

    • The discerning eater
    • Dogs that need to gain weight
    • Owners who are looking for a very high meat inclsuion (38% chicken plus additional high quality protein from egg and fish to provide an excellent amino acid profile)
    • Working dogs with a moderate to high activity level
    • Show dogs


Nutritional Information:


    • A very generous proportion of chicken ingredients – providing protein of a very high biological value
    • Higher level of chicken oil as the primary fat source – ideal for promoting optimal skin and coat condition as well as ensuring sustained energy levels
    • Extremely palatable – the inclusion of the high level of fresh chicken makes the recipe suitable for fussy eaters
    • Concentrated source of nutrition – ideal for working dogs with a moderate activity level
    • Maize/corn free recipe for dogs with an allergy or intolerance to this ingredient

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