Arden Grange Adult Prestige

Title: Arden Grange Adult Prestige 12 Kgs
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Prestige: rich in fresh chicken

Recommended for:


  • Adult dogs with a higher requirement for calories
  • Adult dogs with a very high activity level
  • Pregnant or lactating bitches

Can also be used for:

    • Dogs that are ill or convalescing
    • Dogs with a low appetite
    • Dogs that need to gain weight
    • Dogs requiring a low carb diet (a great temporary diet for raw feeders who require a convenient alternative for travelling or other circumstances when the freezer is not available)


Nutritional Information:


    • A very generous proportion of chicken – providing meat protein of a very high biological value
    • Higher level of chicken oil as the primary fat source – to promote optimal skin and coat condition as well as ensure sustained energy levels
    • Extremely palatable – ideal for the discerning eater
    • Concentrated source of nutrition – ideal for working dogs requiring an energy dense food
    • Higher proportion of egg – an excellent protein source to help support the growth and repair of cells and muscle tissue
    • Ideal for pregnant and lactating bitches – contains a higher level of folic acid

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