Belcando Puppy



Carefully selected raw ingredients rich in poultry, rice and egg make BELCANDO PUPPY GRAVY especially well tolerated and easily digestible. Lots of energy for healthy growth and important minerals for bone formation ensure an optimal start in life. A tasty sauce is created when the dry food is mixed with warm water, encouraging the puppy to eat solid food and making weaning easier. And it‘s a welcome pleasure later as well!


  • Easier conversion from mother's milk to dry food via milk products (milk, protein, cheese) and egg.
  • Optimal digestion thanks to a high percentage of meat (80% animal protein - 70% from poultry, 10% from fish)
  • Prolmmun stimulates the whelps' own immune systems and helps to bridge the immunity gap after weaning form mother's milk
  • Lecithin, brewer's yeast and linoleic acid promote healthy skin and thick fur
  • Balanced mixture of minerals, vitamins and trace elements specially designed to meet the needs of whelps

poultry meat meal, low-ash (24 %); rice (23 %); Maize; herring meal (6 %); poultry fat; vegetable oil, refined; powdered egg (2,5 %); hydrolyzed gelatin (2,5 %); brewer‘s yeast; carob groats; sugar beet pulp, dried; poultry liver (hydrolyzed); chia seeds; linseed; Di-calcium phosphate; sodium chloride; potassium chloride

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