Carefresh Confetti Litter

Carefresh Confetti Litter

Carefresh Confetti Litter

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Available in 10L

Carefresh Confetti is both highly functional and colourful. Now even the inside of your pet’s cage can be pleasant to the eye!

Not only does the litter look attractive. The cellulose fibres are very soft and extremely comfortable. Colourful ground can add to a nice atmosphere. The dye is approved by the EU and non-toxic.

The Carefresh line also has practical qualities. The cellulose fibres are up to 2.5 times more absorbent that conventional litter materials. It’s also 99% dust-free, making cleaning a much more pleasant act. Odour control lasts up to 5 days so that your home doesn’t get filled with nasty odours.

Cellulose fibres are biodegradable, which protects the environment. So not only is your pet well taken care of, but also the environment.

Carefresh Confetti Litter at a glance:


  • Colourful, trendy design: EU-approved, non-toxic dye
  • Made from cellulose fibres: 2.5 times more absorbent than the most commonly used shavings
  • Extremely dust-free and easy to clean
  • With odour control: regulates odours for up to 5 days
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly

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