CLUB 4 PAWS Premium Pouches with Chicken in Gravy


Size: 100g
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Wet premium nutrition contains 77% of fresh meat and meat ingredients in slices and appetizing sauce, that taste great for adult cats. The complex of unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 + Omega 6 keeps the skin healthy and the coat shiny. Ration is enriched with the INTEGRAMIX formula for the overall support of the pet's health and immunity.



  • 8,5/5 – a well-balanced formula for everyday feeding
  • Meat and meat ingredients №1 in composition
  • Vitamins D3, E, B1, B5, microelements and amino acids
  • Omega 3 + Omega 6 for healthy skin and shiny coat
  • INTEGRAMIX formula: dried tomatoes, ginger, hawthorn and bananas - for pet’s general health and strong immunity
  • Without artificial flavors and colours

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