Versele Laga Nature snack - veggies


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The tasty and fibre-rich Crispy Snack Fibres is a complementary feed for pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. With delicious alfalfa rings, vegetable bits and carrot crunch... Real Yum! Yum! It's a gourmet variety mix for your precious pet. This Crispy Snack is a real Happy Snack. Happy Snacks add variety to the menu and reinforce the bond between you and your pet.

This product comes in resealable fresh packs, with window, of 650 g and 1.75 kg. Or in bulk packaging of 15 kg. Crispy Snack Fibres is easily recognizable in the shops by the striking small packaging with its light brown colour or the bulk packaging with its dark green colour. Note: The polyvalent bulk packaging is used for several products. Make sure to look at the label at the bottom of the bag to see if it indeed contains Crispy Snack Fibres. Do not hesitate to try it out and take a bag home. Your pets will thank you.

Do not forget to provide a main feed in addition to Crispy Snacks, which is a complementary feed. There certainly is a Crispy Muesli or Crispy Pellets that fits your pet.


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