Dr Clauder's Selected Meat - Lamb & Apple


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Product information:  

Dr.Clauder’s Selected Meat is a pure meat pleasure for your dog. The fresh meat offers an optimum in taste and utilization. Selected Meat is consequently produced without meat meal, soy protein and artificial taste enhancers. A difference that you can see and will surely be appreciated by your dog. The specifical addition of collagenhydrosylate benefits the growth of cartilage and can influence the structure of the locomotor system in a positive way. Complete Food for dogs – Lamb & Apple.


60 % of Lamb (of which 57 % Lamb lung, 17 % Lamb tra¬cheas, 12 % Lamb cuts, 7 % Lamb liver, 7 % Lamb heart), 4 % Gelatinehydrosylate, 20 % Apple, 1 % Minerals

 Analytical constituents:

crude protein: 8.0 %, crude 5.0 %, crude fibre 0.5 %, crude ash 2.0 %, moisture 80.0 %.

 Additives/kg (vitamins): Nutritional additives:

Vitamin A (E672) 2.500 IU, Vitamin D3 (E671) 250 IU, Vitamin E 25mg

 Feeding advice / administration advice:  

Provide fresh water at all times.

Small dog (ca. 10kg) about ½ 800g can

Medium dog (ca. 20kg) about 1 800g can

Big dog (ca. 40kg) about 2 800g cans

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