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Product information:  Special Diet easily digestible. Dogs that have been weakened by disease or surgical procedures require a particularly well-tolerated food that does not burden the stomach and intestines. Diets designed on chicken and rice have proven to be particularly useful in these cases. With Dr. Clauder‘s Selected Meat Special Diet Intestinal“ the dogs receives a gentle full diet of easily digestible raw materials and low-fat content. Weakened dogs and dogs with gastric and intestinal sensitivity can therefore be fed in a gentle way. Complete Food for adult dogs. Special Diet Intestinal.

 Ingredients: Chicken, liver, rice, corn, eggs, cottage cheese, sunflower oil, brewer‘s yeast, minerals.

 Analytical constituents: crude protein 7%, crude fat and oils 3,9%, crude fiber 0,7%, crude ash 1,4%, moisture 78%, calcium 0,22%, phosphorus 0,16%, sodium 0,14%.

 Additives/kg (vitamins): Nutritional additives: Vitamin A (E672) 2.000 I.U., Vitamin D3 (E671) 200 I.U., Vitamin E 25mg, zinc (E6-as zinc sulfate) 15mg, manganese (E5-as manganese sulphate) 3mg, iodine (E2-asiodate) 0,75mg.  

Feeding advice / administration advice:  Provide fresh water at all times.

Small dog (ca. 10kg) about ½ 800g can

Medium dog (ca. 20kg) about 1 800g can

Big dog (ca. 40kg) about 2 800g cans

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