Title: Dreamies Beef, 60g
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Dreamies are the snack of your cat's dreams - all cats salivate over crispy Dreamies with their tasty, creamy filling, available in a variety of delicious flavours!

Do you want to indulge your cat with the snack of its dreams? Give your cat Dreamies Cat Snacks - the delectable treat for between meals, crunchy outside, creamy inside.

The creamy filling in the crispy shell is exactly what all cat's crave. The practical, resealable package keeps the snacks fresh, so that your pet can indulge every day.


Available in :


Dreamies Beef, 60g

Dreamies Cheese, 60g

Dreamies Chicken, 60g

Dreamies Duck,, 60g

Dreamies Salmon, 60g

Dreamies Turkey, 60g

Dreamies Tuna, 60g


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