Everclean Clumping litter - Fast Acting Odour Control

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Ever Clean Fast Acting releases 60% more odour blockers within 3 seconds* to ensure your cat can continue to enjoy their home environment especially within small spaces.

    • Clumping clay cat litter with a unique formula that includes a blend of plant extracts that quickly targets and eliminate odours.
    • Releases 60% more odour blockers within 3 seconds* making it ideal for odour elimination by combating cat urine, faecal and ammonia odours in small spaces.
    • Our unique activated carbon technology traps and locks in odours thereby eliminating malodour instead of just masking it.
    • Paw-activated fragrance technology releases a fresh scent on demand when the litter tray is in use.

*Ever Clean Fast Acting Odour Control releases 60% more odour blockers within 3 seconds than Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Scented

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