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Felix As Good As It looks Favourite Mixed Selection -12 Pack

Felix As Good As It looks Favourite Mixed Selection -12 Pack


100% of your cat's daily needs antioxidants, balanced minerals and proteins

Experienced cats really know what they want, especially at mealtimes that's why Felix Senior recipes are made with quality ingredients and packed with meaty pieces in a succulent jelly. Your cat will enjoy an irresistible meal.

That's not all

These delicious meals are specifically designed for cats of age 7+ with

The right combination of proteins.

Balanced minerals.

Vitamins including antioxidants.

The are full of healthy goodness to satisfy 100% of your cat's daily needs when fed according to the feeding guidelines on the pack.

Felix has a wide range of irresistible meals...

...so you can give your cat his favourite every day.

Felix Doubly Delicious Senior Meat two different types of meaty or fishy flavours combined for cats aged 7+

Felix As Good As It Looks Senior Favourite delicious meaty and fishy pieces combined for cats aged 7+

Felix proudly presents

World of Purina Felix Collection

Experience the exciting range of this season's must haves

A treasure trove of tantalising goodies all tail tanglingly desirable and includes everything you and your cheeky rascal deserve to feel extra special

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