Forza 10 nutraceutic - Weight Control Active, 4 Kgs (Overweight or Diabetic)


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Complete dietetic food for overweight or diabetic dogs

Weight Control Active is the diet studied by the Research and Development Department at SANYpet as:

  • an instrument for the reduciton of excess body weight
  • to monitor the glucose level in dogs affected by diabetes mellitus

These problems are often caused by overweight, and are common during senescence. They may also cause  a metabolic imbalance, which could involve organs such as the pancreas or the liver. The innovative formulation of Weight Control Active satisfies different nutritional aims and is useful to control the glucose supply (diabetes mellitus), thanks to the reduced quantity of rapid-releasing carbohydrates. Furthermore, the use of hydrolysed fish protein promotes control on the glycemic index of food.

After using the product for the suggested period of time, use FORZA10 Nutraceutic DepurA, studied for daily use to detoxify against free radicals and environmental pollution.

Active Line - Nutraceutical products

Active Line - Nutraceutical products

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