Inodorina Floor Detergent Magic Home


Title: Inodorina Floor Detergent Magic Home Lavander, 1 Ltr
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A sanitizing cleaner that removes oils and perfumes with a new active anti-bacterial formulation specifically for environments inhabited by pets.
Inodorina Magic Home is suitable for all washable surfaces and all types of flooring.
It is equally suitable for cleaning pet boxes, baskets and beds, litter trays, cages, and kennels.
Leaves no watermarks and is not sticky.
If it is diluted it does not require rinsing.

Inodorina Magic Home is available in two formats: 1 litre and 5 litre.
1 litre containers with the fragrances: white musk, Provence lavender, Mediterranean pine, sandalwood, cedar and bergamot, talc, fresh mint.
5 litre tanks with the fragrances: white musk, sandalwood, talc, and Provence lavender.

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