Inodorina Wet Wipes Refresh, Citronella


Title: Inodorina Wet Wipes Refresh Citronella, 40 Pcs
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Sanitizing perfumed wipes in resistant fabric, moistened with a hydrating agent that is soothing and protective, respects the natural Ph, cleansing, deodorizing, and gives extra gloss to the fur of cats, dogs, kittens and puppies.
Inodorina Refresh wipes are extremely useful in day to day life with our pets: before travelling by car and after a walk or a trip outdoors. Inodorina Refresh are particularly useful when arriving back home on rainy days because they neutralize the molecules of bad odour on wet fur, leaving the coat clean and fragrant.
Alcohol free. Not tested on animals.
Inodorina Refresh is available in 7 different fragrances: , aloe vera, talc, rosewater, white musk, citronella,apricot and with chlorhexidine

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