Inodorina Wet Wipes Refresh Extra, Jasmine


Title: Inodorina Wet Wipes Refresh Extra Jasmine, 40 Psc
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Sanitizing perfumed wipes in resistant fabric, moistened with a unique formulation based on arganoil, rich in vitamins (A, E, F) and well known for its
soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing properties.

Inodorina Refresh eXtra respects the natural Ph while cleaning, deodorizing, and giving extra gloss to the coats of cats, dogs, kittens and and also releasing a pleasant fragrance.

Inodorina Refresh eXtra wipes are extremely use ful during day to day life with your pet: before tra velling by car and after a walk or a trip outdoors. Inodorina Refresh eXtra are particularly useful when arriving back home on rainy days because they neutralize the molecules of bad odour on wet fur, leaving the coat clean and fragrant.

Alcohol free. Not tested on animals.

Inodorina Refresh eXtra wipes are available in 3 fragrances: myrrh, jasmine and milk and vanilla.

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