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KONG has taken the tough, durable rubber used in its Extreme KONG toys and molded it into a fun, new shape – new KONG Traxx toys, sturdy and strong “monster truck” style toys ideal for aggressive chewers of all sizes.  And just like the original KONG and Extreme KONG, there’s plenty of room inside for treats!  The round toy looks just like a monster truck tire done in miniature, complete with molded KONG branding on the sides and a unique checkerboard tread on the “road” surface.  The inner rim of each Traxx toy has been left hollow and has a unique treat-gripping design perfect for holding a dog’s favorite treats, such as KONG’s own Stuff’n Easy Treat, Peanut Butter and Liver Snacks, Ziggies, Goldies, Real Peanut Butter or Spreads.  But they’re not just for treats – like the red rubber KONG, the extreme rubber bounces unpredictably for wild, fun fetching games, and the round tire shape of Traxx adds a new dimension – rolling!  Traxx toys bounce AND roll, for a truly unique and interesting option for days at the dog park, afternoons in the back yard or a romp on the beach.

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