Lindo cat litter Double action, lavander scented, 10 L


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Lindocat Natural Clean Scented Lavender Cat Litter – 10L

lindocat Natural Clean is a hygienic litter made out of 100% sépiolite Blanche, a natural clay characterized by a very high absorbency of liquids and odors. Its pleasant fragrance with lavender, together with beneficial properties of Argan oil, made with lindocat Natural Clean litter for long-haired Ideal for cats. Very light, easy to carry.
The essential oil of Argan has lenitive properties and healing to the skin and the coat of your cat. It is ideally suited for all types of hair, gives softness and shine while protecting them from drying out.
Features of lindocat Natural Clean litter:
With essential oil of Argan
100 Natural: from natural mineral clay with a capacity of absorption, without harsh chemical treatments
Ultra absorbent: Fast and efficient absorption of liquid
Fragrance: pleasant fragrance of lavender
Light weight: easy to carry
Pack: Box of 10 litres.


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