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  • Nutritional support for puppies during the growing phase
  • Promotes the formation of strong, healthy teeth and bones
  • Fortified with minerals and essential vitamins


Active Ingredients Major Function

Vitamin A

Important for vision, proper growth, healthy skin and coat and mucous membranes


Essential for efficient metabolism of food to maximise energy release & nutrient absorption. Maintain healthy appetite through stimulation of metabolism, necessary for healthy hair/coat & muscle maintenance; Important for healthy nervous system

Vitamin C

Important antioxidant and wound healing properties

Vitamin D3

Regulation/absorption of calcium and phosphorus

Vitamin E

Potent antioxidant that prevents the body against free radical damage

Flaxseed Oil

Source of omega 3 essential fatty acids for healthy skin/coat and immune system


Important for healthy skin and coat. Important in immunity and reproduction


Powerful antioxidant in synergy with Vitamin E Supports proper immune system


Essential minerals for the proper formation of bones and teeth

Target Nutri-Booster Treats for Puppies provide essential nutrients for a long, active and healthy life.

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