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Gently and naturally groomed!

PawCare is a true product innovation that helps clean and protect dog paws.

Dirt, germs, sharp objects, chemicals, road salt and grit can harm your pet's paws and dirty your household. PawCare is a unique product innovation that helps you keep your pet's paws clean and healthy.


Looking out for your best friend

PawCare was developed together with Swiss veterinarians. It removes dirt and bacteria in between the pads and claws, providing for clean and healthy paws.

  • The compound gently penetrates between the pads and claws
  • Dirt, germs, loose hair, debris and other particles are encapsulated by PawCare
  • Regular use reduces the risk of infection of small wounds
  • Active natural ingredients enhance the cell regenerating process and moisturize the pads
  • The groomed paws will feel soft and smell good.


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