Prince Bacterial Clean 1L - Musk

Prince Bacterial Clean 1L - Musk

Prince Bacterial Clean 1L - Musk

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PRINCE BACTERIAL CLEAN is a product marketed only in the best pet shops and pharmacies with the ultimate protection for small pets. Its one of the few products used for the prevention of dermatitis and pyoderma , since many alternative detergents carry high concentrations of quaternary amonium salts, amonia, bleach and other components. These caustic elements may be harmful when in contact with the coat or eyes of your pets. Also cleans and sanitize all types of flooring including terracotta, granite, marble, wax floors and above floors already passed. Do not leave open since the strong smell may effect hypersensitive pets. 

PRINCE BACTERIAL CLEAN inhibits the proliferation of small flying insects in accordance to the law. It can be applied on any type of hard flooring and is an excellent replacement for conventional chemical detergents saving space and money as prince bacterial clean is highly concentrated. 

PRINCE BACTERIAL CLEAN be diluted by ½ cap product in 3 liters of water for a deodorant effect to be achieved. Spray a small amount directly onto a cloth to wash the floor.
WARNING: It is essential that the cloth you use is new or well-rinsed products previously used to avoid unpleasant odors caused by an unpredictable chemical reactions. Detergent for hard surfaces. Keep out of reach of children in case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. 

Sure the product is very concentrated so use sparingly and with care to avoid pollution. This is in accordance with the second D.L. n ° 21 of 06.02.2009 in accordance with Reg avail. EC No. 648/2004 on detergents (G.U. No. 66 of 03.20.2009) in force since 04.04.2009. 

Anionic surfactants <5% - alcohol solution. 

Solvent glycolic methylcloroisothiazolinone (Cas. No. 26172-55-4), methylsothiazolinone (Cas. No. 2682-20-4), glutaral (Cas. No. 111-30-08), Citral, Eugenol, Limonene, Linalool, dyes, fragrance, benzalkonium chloride-Gr 2. 

e 1000ml 

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