Prince Barf Diet Turkey


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Prince® Premium BARF DIET back to nature for a better quality of life Biologically appropriate raw food diets (BARF) can make dramatic changes to the nutritional needs of your pet, adding another variety of diet rotation to your feeding regime.

Prince® Premium BARF DIET is a complete food that is grain free and does not require mixing with any other foods from our range. Living enzymes help the body to function — found in raw foods they are beneficial to help restore, repair and maintain health.

The process of cooking depletes the food of living enzymes, and for some pets this might put added stress on the pancreas, which can be replenished by eating raw unprocessed foods. Our convenient sausages contain living enzymes along with phyto-chemicals, antioxidants and unprocessed amino acids. Some pets will depend upon these factors to ensure a long and healthy lifespan.

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