Pro Plan Cat Sterilised Turkey

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Complete food with a high content of
protein and low in fat
for adult cats sterilized

Features and benefits

It contains OPTIRENAL®, a combination of ingredients scientifically designed
to make a difference in the health of the cats in the long run.
-Maintains a healthy urinary tract into sterilized cats, which present a greater risk of the disease tract urinary lower feline.
-Helps maintain a healthy body weight.
-Helps protect the front teeth
the accumulation of plaque and Tartar

Purina® PRO PLAN® rich Turkey STERILISED, combines all the
essential nutrients including vitamins A, C and E
and also omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in a diet
for cats with a high content of protein and low in fat. pH
balanced urinal.

Analytical ingredients and components

Composition: Turkey (20%), dehydrated poultry proteins, aharina of corn, rice, Corn gluten, fibers from wheat flour gluten wheat, dried egg, fish oil, fat animal, mineral substances, flavouring by-product, yeast.

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