Purina Cat Chow Adult Duck, 15kgs


Size: 15kgs
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Forage rich in duck meat, with the sources of high quality protein per serving to help maintain the proper weight. The special composition of natural ingredients, carefully selected herbs and vegetables (parsley, spinach, carrots, chicory).

Composition : cereals (44% whole wheat *), meat and animal by-products (20% **) vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, vegetable origin (2.7% dried beet pulp, 0.07% dried parsley - equivalent to 0.4% parsley *) vegetables * (2% dried chicory root, dried carrots 0.07% - equivalent to 0.4% of carrot, 0.07% dried spinach - equivalent to 0.4% spinach), minerals, yeast * (0.3%)

Composition Analysis : Protein: 32.0%, oils and fats: 11.0%, Crude ash: 7.5%, Crude fiber: 2.5%

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