Hill's Science Plan Puppy Healthy Development Medium Dog Food Savoury Chicken 370G CANS


Size: (604220) Puppy chicken 370g
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Recommended for:
  • Puppies of small and medium breeds from weaning until 1 year old
  • Pregnant and lactating bitches



Not recommended for:
  • Cats
  • Obesity-prone non-lactating adults
  • Puppies of large breeds (over 25 kg when adult) following weaning.(After weaning, large breed puppies should be fed Science Plan™ Puppy Healthy Development™ Large Breed)


Additional information:
  • During the last half of lactation, puppies can be weaned on to the same Science Plan™ Puppy food that is being fed to the bitch, which simplifies the weaning process.
  • Science Plan™ Puppy Healthy Development™ formulas are enriched with a high level of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an essential structural component of the brain which occurs naturally in mothers' milk. All Science Plan™ Puppy Healthy Development™ formulas (other than Large Breed) can be fed to pregnant and lactating bitches and will provide puppies with a high level of DHA before weaning. When the appropriate Science Plan™ Puppy formula is also fed to puppies after weaning, additional DHA is supplied throughout the critical formation and development of brain and eyes.

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