Trixie Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

SKU: 640040

Trixie Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

SKU: 640040
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Trixie self-cleaning cat toilet for lasting cleanliness - a smart solution for your cat!

The self-cleaning cat toilet makes life easier for you and your cat. Once your cat has used the toilet, the drum automatically rotates and cleans the area. No more manual cleaning! And the best part? The cleaning process stops automatically as soon as your cat approaches the toilet. Don't worry, your pet stays protected and the cleaning process is interrupted.

The impurities fall into the practical collection container during the cleaning process. This can optionally be used with standard trash bags, making cleaning a breeze. No more awkward wielding of shovels!

The toilet is compatible with clumping litter, so you can use up to 4 litres of litter. Operating and cleaning the drum is simple and time-saving.

This self-cleaning cat toilet is especially ideal for multi-cat households. It offers enough space and ensures that each cat has its own clean toilet. It is suitable for cats from a weight of 1.5 kg and an age of 4 months.

Made of durable plastic, the Trixie self-cleaning cat toilet is long-lasting and ready to provide your household with long-term cleanliness and comfort.

Experience the future of litter boxes - discover the benefits of our self-cleaning cat toilet and give yourself and your cat a stress-free and hygienic experience.

For lasting cleanliness

  • drum rotates automatically after use
  • Cleaning process stops automatically when the cat approaches
  • solid particles fall into the waste bin
  • Collection container can optionally be used with standard trash bag
  • can be used with clumping litter (max. 4 litres)
  • easy operation and cleaning of the drum
  • ideal for households with more than one cat
  • for cats from 1.5 kilo/4 months
  • plastic
Item no.: 640040, Measurements: 53 × 55.5 × 52 cm

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