Vadigran Original Exotic Birds


Title: Vadigran Original Exotic Birds (1KG)
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This feed is intended for tropical birds and exotics. This seed is part of the complete feed. That is to say, that can serve. The bird without further additions to your Due to the double purification during the production, this feed belongs to one of the purest mixtures. It is recommended that the food is always fresh enough to serve. Lukewarm water This product is composed of a variety of healthy and pure natural seeds and is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. 
Premium stands for an extra-enriched compound eliminates the variety of Vadigran food is even greater. The premium food is mainly enriched with additional herbs, fruit and vegetable pieces. 

10%  Millet Yellow 
20%  Millet Round white 
25%  Yellow Panis 
15%  Canary seed
2.5%  Nigerseed 
16%  Japanese Millet 
5.5%  Health Seed 
2%  Vitamine pearls - yellow 
2%  Vitamine pearls - green 
2%  Vitamine pearls - red

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