Vadigran Original Parrot


Title: Vadigran Original Parrot (2.5KG)
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Vadigran has been producing grain mixtures of the highest quality for birds and small animal for over 50years. These mixtures are considered to be among the best and purest on the market. This is no surprise , as it is Vadigran’s mission to only offer products that contribute to the well-being of our beloved pets. Because of this Vadigran demands nothing but the best when buying it’s grains and producing it’s mixes.

Original mixtures that excel in both composition and packing.We also offer Premium seeds that contain addition fruit and herbs.
The unique purification system with sieves, brushes and closed suction delevoped by Vadigran ensures that all broken seeds and dust rests are removed from the mix.


Benfits for your pet:

  • Healthy feathers
  • Digestive process & vitality
  • Natural
  • Well balanced
  • Nutritious

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