Versele Laga - C15 Canary


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NutriBird C 15, (a balanced complete maintenance food for canaries, tropical and European finches).

INDICATIONS: - Pellets with a scientifically approved composition, based on selected grains, fresh fruit and 50 % canary seed - Completely consumable, no losses. - Contains Florastimul, which supports the intestinal flora and protects against intestinal disorders -

If your bird is not used to pellet food, the switch to this new type of food must be made gradually.

COMPOSITION: - Cereals - Seeds (min. 50 % canary seed) - Fruit (min. 5 % fresh fruit) - Vegetable protein extracts - Derivatives of vegetable origin - Sugars - Minerals - L-Lysine - Methionine - Extr. Yucca schidigera - Extr. Tagetes spp. - Fructo-oligosaccharides - Vitamins

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