Versele Laga - Cavia Complete

Versele Laga - Cavia Complete

Versele Laga - Cavia Complete

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Extruded complete pellet food for guinea pigs by Versele Laga, with long, whole fibre. High in crude fibre, low in starch and grain-free.

Cavia Complete is a complete and tasty food for guinea pigs, made from 100% easily digestible, extruded pellets. Each pellet contains the same balanced mixture of ingredients, which is optimally adapted to suit the nutritional physiology of guinea pigs. Selective feeding is impossible with this food.

Cavia Complete Guinea Pig Food contains no grains.

This complete food also includes 20% crude fibre to aid digestion and promote a healthy intestinal flora, further supported by the added prebiotics FOS and MOS. The long fibres in these pellets also ensure natural, healthy abrasion of guinea pigs' constantly growing teeth.

 Cavia Complete at a glance:

Dental Care
Long, whole fibres with a high level of silicate ensure maximum chewing activity and the necessary abrasion of guinea pigs' constantly growing teeth.

Long Fibres
By nature, guinea pigs are herbivores that require a diet with a sufficiently high fibre content and a low starch content. Cavia Complete contains 20% crude fibre. A special manufacturing process produces extrudates made from long, whole, silicate-rich fibres that are also found in guinea pigs' natural diet. These long fibres support the intestinal function and dental abrasion.

Low Calorie
The combination of low energy content, low starch content and high crude fibre content in this complete food is the ideal foundation for an easily digestible and balanced diet. With Cavia Complete, your guinea pig will maintain its ideal weight.

The addition of prebiotics, such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS), supports your pet's gut microflora and ensures optimal intestinal function.

Vitamin Plus
The extruded pellets in Cavia Complete are supplemented with the following essential vitamins:
Vitamin C: Guinea pigs are unable to produce vitamin C in their bodies themselves. Intake of this vitamin via their food is therefore of vital importance for these small rodents. Versele-Laga Cavia Complete is enriched with 1000mg/kg stabilised vitamin C. In contrast to the crystalline form, stabilised vitamin C is much less liable to oxidation and biodegradation, meaning that it remains active for longer.
Vitamin A: For skin cell renewal, sight, reproduction and the metabolism.
Vitamin D3: For calcium/phosphorus intake and bone metabolism.
Vitamin E: An important antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals and thus supports the organism's natural resilience.

Odour Control
The yucca extracts in this food bind the ammonia and other components that are responsible for faecal odours. In this way, these unpleasant odours are considerably reduced.

Feeding recommendation:
Versele-Laga Cavia Complete is a complete food for guinea pigs.
Serve an average daily food ration of 35-50g, depending on your pet's size, age and breed. Provide fresh food and water every day. Make sure that your pet has sufficient hay available.

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